Welcome to Spinler Show Pigs

   We are a 75 sow show pig and breeding stock operation that raises purebred yorkshires, hampshires, durocs,spots, berkshires and crossbreds. Show pigs and breeding stock are available throughout most of the year. We have been fortunate to have met a lot of great people in this business who have helped guide and build our program and help make us what we are today.

    We are a 100% family run business that believes in doing things the right way for the right reasons. As you can see our motto is " making a difference one kid at a time" and we truly believe that what we do is about the kids and making a difference. We have had numerous successes in the ring winning hog shows but more proud of the kids and families that we have been blessed to meet and work with throughout the years.

    A special thank you to my family ( mom, dad( wishing you were still here), big bro and big sis for allowing me to follow my dreams, my beautiful wife Alyssa for your help and support, all my buddies that helpout in a pinch when i need it and last but definitely not least Jim McCoy who for some reason decided to make a difference in some 16 year old New York kids life.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Best of luck to all of you in your swine endeavors!


   All the best,

      Rodney and Alyssa Spinler

Selling our best 75 Late January-Late February cross Barrows and Gilts

at the New York's Best Showpig and Club Lamb Sale

April 18, 2015 - More information on our Sale Page



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